Australian media highlights the Capital Gains Tax campaign. Momentum is building: AustCham HK

We encourage you to read today’s column “The government’s war on expats” in Fairfax media (Sydney Morning Herald, Canberra Times etc.) which highlights the crippling impact of the Federal Government’s proposed Capital Gains Tax amendment – about which so many of you have expressed concern. This follows a recent visit to Melbourne where we found a sympathetic ear in Federal Financial Services Minister Kelly O’Dwyer and where AustCham HK also raised the issue with the Treasurer Scott Morrison.


We urge you to share this column amongst the business community, particularly fellow Australians around the world who remain unaware of this issue.


We are continuing our efforts on this campaign on your behalf and will be taking up the matter directly with the Treasurer. Keep up the letter writing campaign to the Treasurer and we urge you to share our social media posts (LinkedIn and Twitter) using the hashtag 


The Federal Government is listening and this is your opportunity to save your hard-earned assets from an amendment targeting off-shore Australians.


Special thanks to Steve Douglas at SMATS for playing a key role in this campaign.



See full article here.

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