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The Australian Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong & Macau, has established a progressive mentor programme that is the first of its kind among Hong Kong’s Chambers of Commerce.

Ambitious young executives and entrepreneurs are matched with today’s leaders in Hong Kong of various industries, including financial, legal, construction, government, and education.

Regarded as the flagship programme of the Australian Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong & Macau, over 100 mentees and mentors have experienced the depth and breadth of the AustCham Mentoring programme since 2013.

The unique advantage of the AustCham Mentoring programme is the invitation of graduates to participate in an alumni cohort focused on continued professional development and growth of leadership skills for use as future AustCham mentors.

Programme Objectives
• Build character
• Strengthen leadership skills
• Create a network of support for mentees and mentors
• Positively influence the business and social community of Hong Kong

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Programme Details
With the ending of the 2016/017 Mentor Programme and congratulations and sadness of saying thank you to a dymnamic group of participants, we look forward to the next programme for 2017/2018.  With experience comes development, and Speak in partnership with AustCham, is very excited about the up and coming boutique programme, specifically targeted for young executives and individually selected mentors.  With a rotation of Professional Development, Executive Sharing and Social Events, this 9 month programme is tailored to create a learning and sharing environment matched with the opportunity for networking with Hong Kong’s most celebrated executives.

To be selected as a mentee we are seeking individuals that are working in Hong Kong, have a specific idea of their objectives and a desire to participate and be part of an interactive learning environment.  You will also be expected to meet with your mentor at least once a month and attend an event each month for this programme to be successful for you.  As a mentor, we want your experience/knowledge to be shared with  a commitment to attend an event each month.  If you are ready for professional development, and or needing to pass on your lifetime of experiences as an executive, then the AustCham Mentorship Programme is for you.

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